WOLF Men only virtual online PROGRAMME for Domestic abuse & MENTAL HEALTH recovery


Online 12 Week Virtual Coaching Programme Starting 30th June 2020

Every Tuesday for 12 weeks at 7pm – 8.30pm

Free Funded by National Lottery Community Fund. Please email infocrgenies@gmail.com for link & password

WOLF Project 2020

We will be on a virtual video platform called Zoom, you can turn the camera off if you wish to remain anonymous

Join us on a journey that will transform you, your relationships and your life, we also laugh a lot too so give yourself this gift.  

Topics We Will Cover

Healthier Happier Relationships

Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours

Mental Health & Well Being

Types of Domestic Abuse & Breaking the Cycle           

Inner Resilience & Bouncing Back   

Healthy Boundaries & Communication                                                               

Insecurity, Jealousy, Anger                                        

Positivity, Optimism, Negativity 

Guilt, Shame & Forgiveness  

Assertiveness  & Communication                                    

Moods, Emotions & Feelings        

Understanding Mind                               

Living with Clarity                                                

Inspiration & Aspirations                  

Living In The Moment                         

Less Stress More Ease                     

Raising Resilient Children  

Love, Compassion & Hope

Letting Go The Past, Living In The Present, Redefining The Future

We grew up in homes as children where there was domestic violence and abuse many awful things happened, We’re not broken or damaged & neither are you. Kim & Leanne combined have over 30 years of experience in personal development, counselling, life coaching, three principles, community development, domestic abuse & mental health and have both overcome many difficult challenges.

There was fear, insecurity, jealousy, depression, stress, anxiety & alcohol abuse in the form of self medication. The adults around us were truly suffering.

After my son was born our relationship became very toxic, I had patterns running too. I was terrified that history was repeating itself, I loved him but I didn’t know how to change it, neither did he.

The reality was my life felt like it had turned into a living nightmare. We were destroying each other and I knew if something didn’t change we would destroy each other and our son’s childhood.

I had an WOW moment and gathered my strength and walked away from ‘the dream family’ I had created in my mind as it had only existed in my mind.

There was so much I didn’t understand, I had so many questions, my search started so at 30 years of age, a single parent without any qualifications, I enrolled on a counselling course and did my placement with ‘Parklands Women’s Aid’.  

I wanted to make a difference to families like ours. Through my search I found an understanding that could help both the abused, the abuser & the children who are growing up and living in a domestic abusive home.

We have watched so many lives turn around, relationships become more loving & vibrant, couples & families at war have found love, understanding, forgiveness, communication & peace

1 Thought, 1 Moment, 1 Insight, 1 Realisation Can Change Many Lives

We are so looking forward to working with you & bringing you the gift of WOLF

Who would have ‘Thought’ that I would eventually become a trainer and deliver my own projects & programmes so I could share those teachings with you so you can have happier relationships and families.

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