staying sane in crazy times


STAYING SANE IN CRAZY TIMES ONLINE VIRTUAL GROUP Starting 1st April 2020 Every Wednesday 8pm – 9pm

Staying Sane in Crazy Times is now a virtual online group using the Zoom video platform.

We know from personal experience, we do not have to suffer, we can experience all of our thoughts & feelings once we understand our operating system.

This is a friendly and welcoming group, we will meet online every Wednesday at 8pm-9pm GMT grab yourself a cuppa, We teach a simple understanding of how we really work.

To join Kim & Leanne please PM on Facebook or email with you details name, address, email & phone number and I will send you a link:

Click the link press to join the Zoom meeting, add the meeting ID number, add the password and if you want to be anonymous turn off the video camera.

We have been lucky enough to witness so many peoples lives change from the inside out, our clients even with the COVID-19 are managing well and have not fallen back into the black hole.

“I’ve been to many mental health groups & I’ve actually felt worse after, I never expected to laugh so much and I feel so different and so quickly, I wish I had know about this years ago” KM

Much Love to you all in these changing times, we will come together like never before, the power of the human spirit is stronger than we know.

This group is not funded and we are opening our group to all who needs us, if you want to show your appreciation, we are really grateful to you as we are self-employed

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