Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP as many people know is Neuro-Lingustic Programming and it’s applications have been used across the globe to bring massive amounts of transformation for people.

Rarely has anything impacted the psychological well being of so many so quickly so positively in such a short space of time. It’s origins are the modelling of three therapists who were extremely successful in creating massive amounts of positive change for clients.

Not just any clients, they often suffered severe traumas or lived with bizarre problems that psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors had often failed to help.

The field then went on to expand and study excellence in other areas such as sports performance in which the question was how do athletes get into the zone?

One example is that sports players visualise clearly in their mind hitting that golf ball perfectly, in vivid microscopic detail. Another way is to pretend like its the first shot. Another is to figure out that golfers own personal thinking strategy that gets them into a state of high performance. Another way is to use New Code NLP techniques to get the person into the State.
The question has always been what is the difference that makes the difference?

There are so many therapies available to help clients change and NLP is the one that has risen head and shoulders above the rest because the techniques allow people to change effectively, permanently and quickly.

Using depression as an example, some psychologists put groups of depressed people together in meetings so they could sit around and discuss their depression, others recommended spending months talking about childhood and finding out the reasons for depression, others had people take medication, like our doctors today.

The NLP Practitioners went directly to the people who had been depressed and gotten through their depression and found out what it was that these people did psychologically to get through it.

They did the same with people who got through phobias, anger issues and everything you can read on this website. NLP in therapy uses what works, it’s changed our lives and it will change your life.

NLP has been around since the 70’s we are fortunate enough to be trained in the New Code which is the newest developments of NLP which has been further developed by Carmen Bostic St Claire, and the man who co-created NLP and personally modelled the three therapists that you read about about, John Grinder.

We were also trained by Michael Carroll who is the leading trainer at the number 1 Training academy in the UK and Europe, the NLP Academy.

It all started though at an Anthony Robbins seminar in London and since then we have studied many other leaders in the field which include the other co-creator of Classic NLP Richard Bandler who runs the leading training establishment in the US.

Between us we’ve read the books, listened to the audio tapes and watched the videos of successful practitioners in this field and now we are making our own and giving back.

For further clarity on what NLP is, you can read our blog and watch the video on what is NLP?

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