Drive, get up and go, quick thinking, whats pushing you forward?

Or are you stuck? Keep finding you’re avoiding? Or just not getting as much done as you know you can?

Motivation is staying excited

Do you currently have a strategy for getting motivated? Would you like one that makes it easy for you to get motivated?

You have goals? Do they move you in an excited way?

Many of us who have at one point been driven by fear, worry & doubt are you currently in that space?

Maybe you’ve stopped caring and or the umph has disappeared, staying in the same place and taking no action will have consequences on everything you’ve worked for so far…

See, there has been times in your life that you’ve got so much done and times when you haven’t and the first thing you can do is try and figure out the difference which will help.

What really switched it for me was, if I can be extremely motivated and flying high one day, but not the next, there must be something that I’m doing different.

Which means if I do a certain things I should get certain results, repeatedly.

Think about what motivates you, keep a motivation/ inspiration book that you can look in every morning, get a routine going that transitions you from waking to moving fast.


In regard to procrastination, the same is true. You must really think and feel what that procrastination will cost you if you don’t get over it, but if you can do so, what your goals will achieve for you.

We highly recommend goal setting and breaking things down so you have less to think about, try committing to yourself to only think about certain subjects at different parts of the day.

Print off pictures of your dreams, write to do lists for certain subjects, figure out what your “why’s” are for working and keep reminding yourself.

You may have tried all of this and other things and if that’s the case then a telephone coaching conversation should do the trick.

We have a guaranteed system that will help you excel and we can usually turn this around for you in one session.


If hypnosis is necessary to draw that feeling from deep within you then we can do that also so you can hold onto it and carry it with you through life.

There may be things that you’re not consciously aware of that are keeping you from becoming productive and efficient or in a state of avoidance, one such example of this is in the gym story shown on the blog page.

Just remember, if some people can be unbelievably driven then so can you, it’s just about reaching deep within and working out your formula.

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