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Purple Genie Kim Bailey

I grew up in a home as a child where there was domestic violence and abuse many things happened the adults around me were suffering with various mental health conditions.

After my son was born I found myself in a very toxic relationship and was terrified that history was repeating itself.  I had an aha moment and gathered my strength and walked away from ‘the dream family’ I had created in my mind as my life felt like it had turned into a living nightmare.

There was so much I didn’t understand, I had so many questions, so at 30 without any qualifications I enrolled on a counselling course and did my placement with ‘Parklands Women’s Aid’.  I wanted to make a difference to women like my Mum and families like ours.

Who would have ‘thought’ that I would eventually become a trainer and deliver my own programmes so that I could share the insights & realisations that I have had created by my own life experience.

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