Councils, Charities and Voluntary Organizations

Here at Purple Genie life Coaching we design and develop bespoke coaching programmes that will incorporate the Local Strategic Plan recognising the common themes that relevant to the different organisations and the common purpose for all.

Our coaching workshops, training and programmes are designed with organizational, community and individual needs in mind.

In the current economic climate with limited funding many service providers and stakeholders are collaborating in order to create projects that address public and community needs.

In recognising how working together for a shared objective allows each organisation to meet their clients/service users wants and needs as well as organisational priority needs.

Three Principles based coaching programmes and services are essential in supporting your community through the process of making a project or programme successful.

Purple Genie Life Coaching works with stakeholders, managers, officers, team and community leaders, young people, older people and all residents.

Our bespoke coaching programmes are designed to increase community engagement & participation.   At Purple Genie Life Coaching we believe that it is local people that create a great community.  With people at the heart of all that we do, we empower local people and officers to work together to create projects that are inclusive and embrace all those who live and work within our communities.

Our bespoke coaching programmes are designed to bring people together and improve communication so that each individual can recognize their own personal thinking and how our personal thinking can create wonderful environments where projects can become all that we want them to be.

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