Community Rainbow Genies Development Team

The Rainbow Genies Development Team consists of people that have experienced the Three Principles of Innate Health and so profound were their insights & realisations they experienced life very differently to how they did before.

They wanted to part of a community that shared and created opportunities for others to have their own experience and awareness of how each of us are using the Three Principles of Mind, Thought & Consciousness.

The awareness of the Three Principles creates an understanding of how we work and how life works and changes happened on the inside and therefore  life also changed on the outside.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • Increase community participation, involvement with children, young people, adults, parents, older people, disabled & minority groups & local services
  • Develop and deliver high-quality experiential educational community development workshops, programmes, projects, seminars and events to encourage community engagement, participation & cohesion
  • Establish develop and maintain relationships with local communities such as voluntary groups, community groups & local services
  • Establish partnerships with professionals, individuals and organisations whose aims and values represent the objectives of the CRG
  • Present or assist in presenting coaching & community  development projects including Three Principles of Innate Health, music & dance groups, creative arts groups, theatre shows, creative costumes, dramatic & comic performances, recitals and exhibitions.
  • Create opportunities for people to ‘feel good about themselves & life’


Create a space for people to come together and

  • Swap resources, ideas, experience & knowledge
  • Collaborate & provide projects, programmes & events
  • Support & start ethical businesses that nurture & support all of our lives 
  • Support, guide, nurture & empower people who live in poverty
  • Support, guide, nurture & empower people who are living with challenging circumstances
  • Provide support, guidance, advice in all areas of a person’s life 
  • Create a Wise Loving Army of people that light up the world

Meet The Community Rainbow Genie Development Team

Cezar & Jason second that motion

Jason Speller  A Hod carrier met Kim Bailey The Purple Genie at one of the groups she runs in early 2016, Kim shared The Three Principles of Mind, Thought & Consciousness with him and everything changed for Jason.

Jason had spent most of his time at work and at the gym and felt socially isolated.

Jason a father of two attended the free, Natural You Natural Parenting seminar provided by Community Rainbow Genies in September 2016.

Jason was so amazed at what had happened in his own life, how he had changed from being insecure to completely confident and at ease with himself and life, he became a member of CRG development team.

Jason decided he wanted to make a difference for the homeless and in the last year has been regularly helping out at soup kitchens with feeding the homeless in car parks in Southend.

Jason was so affected by shelters closing down in March that he took action and followed his own wisdom.  Jason has managed with the help of his employers to secure space for the homeless to spend time in comfortable surroundings, have a shower and provide food, who knows where else this will lead.  It’s completely inspirational & we are so proud of Jason and what he has been able to achieve in the last year.

Julie Strong  is a painter, decorator & plasterer runs her own business locally Julie after attending the The Once Upon A time Discover Your Personal Genie in January 2016.

Julie lives in the moment at the Eden 3rd Conference 201

Julie was so inspired by her own changes and witnessing the course participants completely transform she joined the CRG Development Team in April 2016.

“I find myself being in life more and recognise it’s only me that can stop me, take the Eden Project before, I would never have taken part in it, I would’ve sat and watched and wanted to take part and this time, I just did it rather than having all that ‘thought ‘ about it and it was so much fun, it felt good”.



Andy with Micah at Community Rainbow Genies Development Team Meeting

Andy Ellinor a Bus Driver attended one of Purple Genie Life Coaching  meet ups in 2014  where Kim was sharing the teachings of Sydney Banks & Three Principles.  Andy joined CRG in 2015 after noticing how he had changed & life had changed.  

“I was very shy & kept myself to myself and never really said much as I got so anxious, now I get more involved in conversations and I have more confidence, I’m not anxious like I used to be”.  

Some people have a big WOW moment experiencing the Principles, mine was more quieter and gentler, I noticed my mind had quietened and my ‘thoughts’ had changed and so had my feelings.  

“I have retrained and now have a better job with more money, I don’t think I would’ve gone for another job, I’m really happy to be part of the CRG team and to offer something that helps people in so many ways.

Betty Lewis is free from depression & back in life

Betty Lewis retired dressmaker & makes all of the tasty cakes for CRG.  Betty is Kim’s Mum who really suffered with depression & anxiety and never went out of the house.

Kim began sharing the principles with her Mum & shared Syd’s books with her and Betty’s depressive & anxious thoughts changed virtually over night.  Betty has attended Three Principles training, conferences & seminars and has shared her story on stage in rooms full of people.

“I thought I was always going to be depressed, I was stuck in a vicious circle and then I saw my own ‘thinking’ & heard my own wisdom and something changed inside my mind and heart, I get the odd down day, it’s nothing like it was before & I know it will pass, life is so much better”

Leanne Wood   I had the pleasure of working with Leanne after she won the raffle at the ‘Eden Project’ in 2015 and she was amazing.  Leanne’s vision is to inspire others & herself to feel loved, nurtured and amazing and is dedicated to supporting people to discover their true selves.

Leanne is a Transformational Life Coach & Team Leader for Youth at risk, she is also a qualified Beauty Therapist & Ambassador for Tropic which is 100% cruelty free vegan product and provides sessions & workshops for others to feel amazing on the inside and the outside.

mind, Thought & Consciousness
At the Three Principles School in Salt Spring island

Hanging out on with Community Rainbow Genies at The Three Principles Foundation on Salt Spring Island deepening our understanding of the Principles & life with Chip & Jan Chipman, Elsie Spittle & Dr Bill Pettit.

An Amazing adventure that I got to share with My Mum a dream come true in so many ways.

I’m a very grateful daughter & so blessed Sydney Banks came upon this understanding & shared it with the world, a 20 year search came to a beautiful end.

The Happy Hub Laindon Centre, Basildon, Essex

The Adventure continues with Community Rainbow Genies being given space to deliver  projects & programmes by Centric Community & Swan Housing Association.

We are very grateful that we have got some space to deliver projects & programmes that truly make a difference to how people feel about theirselves & their lives.

When people come together with a shared vision anything can happen, from sharing the principles on a project funded by Basildon District Arts Association (BDAA) to creating a voluntary group because others wanted to share the principles.

BDAA another group of people with a shared vision also love to make a difference the , I’ve been volunteering with them for a number of years and I am so grateful they believed in ‘The Once Upon A Time Discover Your Personal Genie’ has changed so much for all of us.

This is a collection of real life stories where the Three Principles has been shared with others where there was no hope of anything changing and lives changed no matter what the circumstances.  A big Thank you to Innate Well Being Rudy Kennard & Jenny Anderson for providing us with so many resources.

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