About The Once Upon A Time Discover Your Personal Genie

Once Upon A Time Discover Your Personal Genie

Once upon A Time Discover Your Personal Genie is a bespoke Three Principles based coaching programme that explores who we are as individuals and how life works.

The Once Upon A Time Discover Your Personal Genie is a fun interactive coaching programme that incorporates all learning styles and can be delivered over 9 weeks to groups, teams & individuals.

Once Upon A Time Discover Your Personal Genie 2014

Participants identify a goal or a change they would like to happen in their lives such as, learn new skills, find employment, overcome something like depression or stress, be less isolated, improve confidence & self esteem.



Purple Genie The Power of Thought

Learning & Personal Development Coaching is an accelerated learning process that empowers participants  to identify the steps required and to take action.

With new confidence and self belief participants achieve much more than the desired goal or change they initially presented with.

Coaching provides a positive learning experience which removes barriers &  limiting beliefs created from a previous unhelpful experiences.

The Three Principles of Innate Health creates a awareness of how we all use the principles of Mind, Thought & Consciousness to navigate our internal & external worlds.

We learn easily when we are having fun

We also embrace creativity and use art & media the ‘Once Upon A Time Discover Your Personal Genie’ captures the moments.

Denise Pearce from Inspire Photography records the journey and participants receive an inspirational DVD with memories of their transformations & magic moments.

New Friendships

Engagement & Participation

The Once Upon A Time Discovering Your Personal Genie has provided an experience that has transformed the lives of everyone involved in the project .

Friendships & supportive networks created, new Jobs &  businesses started, improved relationships, participants returned to education and gained qualifications & also became volunteers.

“I didn’t believe I could feel this way, I feel like I really have been given a second chance, I’ve got a job & everything is so different now” Paul 2016

Once Upon A Time Discover Your Personal Genie 2016

When we see ourselves & life from a different perspective our lives change. We all have skills, gifts & talents we can share with the world.

‘We are the author of our own stories every day is a new page and a new experience, in one moment with one new thought everything can change!’ Kim Bailey The Purple Genie

Creative Community Development

Evolving from a pilot into a successful programme that has now surpassed everyones expectations as participants & volunteers created a community voluntary group ‘Community Rainbow Genies’

“I’ve changed so much, things don’t bother me the way they did before, my minds slowed down, everyone should know about this, so I joined the Community Rainbow Genies” Julie 2016

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