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Kim started out in community development over 20 years ago and came at a time when the way in which different agencies and professionals traditionally worked together began to change with limited budgets multi-agency partnerships (LSP’s)were established.

Decision makers recognized that those in community development at the grass roots level, who were out working in communities had the knowledge and real time experience to form a key role in contributing & supporting communities.

It was recognised sustainable change could only be created if all voices were heard decisions that affected communities including residents and young people in our ‘hard to reach communties’.

Kim & her colleagues were the link between the decision makers & local people & supported the process that influenced the decision making process that creates sustainable change in our local communities.

Kim was very successful & won awards for empowering & inspiring others to see their own capabilities and worked with people from all walks of life.  People became active and groups of people came together and created projects that local people had asked for and together posivitve change occured within their communities these included: community focused forums/councils/action groups for residents, young people, parents & older people, in the community, business, public & private sectors.

From many of the community participation and engagement programmes people emerged to become community activists and leaders who successfully secured funding and ran community projects that are still active and evolving today.

There were other groups however, who because of the many different personalities and characters within the groups, allowed conflict and personal thinking to become an issue and the groups eventually dissolved.

“With hindsight I could see how so much would’ve been different if I had known what I know now, that’s why it’s called hindsight because we are looking backwards and one of the things I’ve learnt is that with each new experience we update and we gain new insights & realisations of how we can do something differently with the knowledge we have today”.

Sometimes we forget to listen to our internal wisdom and the ‘cause’ gets lost amongst all the different personal thinking and individual ego’s within the group as often happens in groups of people whether in the community, public or private sectors.

With a better understanding of how personal thinking and ego can get in the way and side track a group’s true purpose, many of these groups would be functioning at a highly successful level and those members of the groups would be succeeding with their objectives to ‘influence and change things for the better’.

Kim has designed and developed Three Principles based community development coaching programmes that change individual lives and empowers people to become active within their communities.

Once Upon A Time Discover Your Personal Genie

Second Chance 

A New Chapter

It takes people with a shared vision, passion and a whole lot of heart to create a community that people want to connect to,  when people feel part of something positive they want to engage & participate, humans are not designed to live in social isolation.

There is a lot of wisdom in our communities, we only have to uncover it and people just show up differently. Kim Bailey Purple Genie


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