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These testimonials were provided by participants of the Purple Genie Life Coaching Courses.


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“Kim has a great way of explaining things and has given me a lot to take away with me, that I will keep forever. ”

“Kim’s a brilliant tutor I like her a lot”

“Kim you are a beautiful person and a loving vibrant soul”
Tracy O

“Kim is Perfect, Wonderful & Amazing”

“Kim is Kind & Funny can make you Smile”

“Kim is very interesting, funny and talkative she has a caring nature”

“Kim very charismatic & a Beautiful soul”

“An amazing, warm hearted intelligent energetic woman”

“Kim Well where do I start you are a truely amazing  and are a women to look up to and I would love to do more work with you.  You are a strong independent wise mother friend purple genie”

“Kim Couragious, inspirational full of wisdom strong honest and so much to give”

“Inspirational, kind, funny, caring, wacky, generous in thought, mind and spirit.  Thank you so much for leading the course you have helped in more ways than you know.  I Hope life continues to be one long, happy, fun, love filled wild journey for you lots of love to the purple genie”

“Enthusiastic, courageous, inspirational, honest, real. I have really enjoyed this course and there has been lots of rewarding realization over the past 8 weeks. I would attend and be interested ni other programmes that Kim runs”

“Kim is a absolutely fantastic trainer, would definitely 100% recommend this course to others”

“A star, a very positive and inspirational and wonderful source of energy. Made each of us feel special and cared about. A truekind and generous spirit. ”

“Thankyou Kim. you are a beautiful soul. Feel very lucky to have met you and know that I now have the knowldege to skip, somehow hoot with laughter and try to be happy.”

“Lovely, easy to understand and listen too. taught me well. Going away with alot from it. I feel calmer.”

Purple Genie encourages honest feedback so that we can keep providing the best courses possible.

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