WOW Wise Optimistic Women

                       Welcome to Wise Optimistic Women


It is the age of Aquarius ladies the time for the female energy to     come to the forefront for us to use our femininity in a positive way.

We have now gained many skills, talents, knowledge & experience

This is me & Leanne Wood a really beautiful soul who I had the pleasure of coaching after she won the raffle at ‘ The Eden Project’ in 2015 and today she joins me in launching

WOW – Wise Optimistic Women

Leanne is an incredibly wise, loving, caring lady who gives & nurtures others with such humility & grace, when you hear Leanne’s story you cannot help but be inspired & amazed by her.  Thank you Leanne for your  Love & Support


Women who come together and 

  • Swap resources, ideas, experience & knowledge
  • Collaborate & provide projects, programmes & events
  • Support & start ethical businesses that nurture & support all of our lives 
  • Support, guide, nurture & empower women who live in poverty
  • Support, guide, nurture & empower women who are living with challenging circumstances
  • Provide support, guidance, advice in all areas of a women’s life 
  • Create a Wise Loving Army of Soul Sisters that lights up the world

Women have reached places in society where we can have a voice and be part of the changes that need to happen, as we know ladies, females are part of creative change & we are incredibly resourceful.

“If a woman cooks she feeds everyone around the table” Kim Bailey The Purple Genie

Someone said ‘if you educate a women you educate the village’ education comes in many forms including the university of life so ladies join us and be part of a Wise Loving Community.  Follow whats within and let it guide you on your journey.

It is time for us to come together with Love & Wisdom & we will nurture ourselves and everyone around us, showing up with our true selves and our true nature.

The world is ready for us as Soul Sisters to hold out our hands to each other and wrap our wisdom around our communities. This is true empowerment & as we flourish and so will everyone around us including our men & boys ;o)

It is time for us to come together without separation and in unity, all women younger & older, all shapes & sizes, rich or poor, all colours & religions…’s time ladies

We are running on a donation basis so that all women can attend regardless of circumstances, please donate if you can, if you have nothing then a SMILE is all that is required!

2016 ‘The Eden Project’  women who came together because of an idea by Adri Ana to provide an Amazing day to celebrate women, I was honoured to host as MC for the day

Much Love Light & Laughter 

Kim Bailey The Purple Genie