No Longer Broken, Life After Abuse

No Longer Broken, Life After Abuse 

From victim to survivor & now thriving!  That’s not how it was in the beginning though,  there were so many people saying flippant stuff about children & people who have been physically, sexually & emotionally abused, so many beliefs.  I remember so many times ‘thinking’ Oh NO and falling into a place of pure fear!

That’s not how it is today, I am no longer suffering because of the things that happened to me, I work with others so they can be free from the past.  I invite you to join me on this intimate workshop where I will share what made the difference to me and my life so you too can no longer feel broken and can start thriving.

Free Introductory session 4th May 2017 10am to 11.30 am 

11th May 2017 10am to 11.30am GMT Healing from Within

18th May 2017 10am to 11.30am GMT Leaving the Past Behind

25th May 2017 10am to 11.30am GMT Our Resilience

1st June 2017 10am to 11.30am GMT Our Inner Wisdom

This programme is £100 if you are struggling financially please contact us