Purple Genie & WOWS Wise Optimistic Women

Purple Genie Kim Bailey with Inspiring Women of Southend
3rd Eden Conference 2016 Inspire Believe & Embrace for Women

Dala Lama said in 2009 it will be women that change things significantly for our world, I believe that empowering, inspiring women will change their lives & their communities.

Feminism is not about women becoming masculine or disliking men it is recognising that being equal in life means we all contribute effectively to each others life.  It is recognising our different skills, talents & gifts and sharing them with the world.

I love that I am connected to so many incredibly beautiful souls that come together and create programmes, projects and events that make a difference to others.

From an idea & a chat with a friend, Adriana spoke to other women, the result 3 conferences so far and a wonderful amazing group of women showed up and changed so much for so many.

To the lovely ladies we celebrate you, never forget you have so much within you, reach out to others, make that call, connect with each other, support each and laugh together and you will be amazed at what you create.