Community Rainbow Genie’s

Community Rainbow Genies was founded by those involved in delivering, volunteering, and participating in the pilot programme ‘Once Upon A Time Discovering Your Personal Genie’ Programme in 2014.

A Three Principles based coaching programme that explores who we are as individuals and how we all use Mind, Thought & Consciousness to navigate our internal worlds with.

So profound were the insights and realisations experienced that Purple Genie, Volunteers & Parents came together and the Community Rainbow Genies Voluntary Group came to life.

Volunteers & Parents wanted others to be able to participate in the programme and wanted to be able to volunteer on the programme as the programme deeply impacted their lives. They wanted to be with others that want to make a difference and they wanted to make the difference to others in their community.

We got together and asked how we could make this happen. By joining together with all of our various skills and talents we have created a community group and we will access funding so that we could bring people together and create community projects that our communities want to be part of.

We are in the second year ‘Once Upon A Time Discover Your Personal Genie’ to others that will benefit from connecting to their ‘Genie’ & their own wisdom.

The Once Upon A Time Discovering Your Personal Genie has evolved from a pilot into an experience that people want and want to continue to be part of so we will also be organising a Community Arts & Crafts Programme & A Theatre Production that will bring the Once Upon A Time Discover Your Personal Genie Programme to life in a visual, music & Arts Experience with local communities.

The power & energy of individuals when we feel different about who we are creates natural change within us and we step into life and amazing stuff happens because we come together.

I am proud to part of a group of caring, giving and creative people that come together to make a difference for all of us.