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Three Principles  of Mind, Thought & Consciousness Workshops

An awareness of The Three Principles of Mind, Thought & Consciousness enables us to experience life with much more ease, joy and Love.  The principles creates an awareness that gives us a deeper understanding of our true nature and how life really works.

What’s Love Got To Do With It? A Three Principles Workshop

So it’s nearly that time again ‘ it’s the commercial valentines day where people declare ‘Love’ & Romance is in the air or it’s totally not lol

So for some people it’s a really lonely time where they notice the absence of the ‘ONE’.

For some it maybe a time when they notice the absence of something in their relationship

We all have a perspective of what we believe ‘Love’ to be!

We search for it, We can feel lost without it  & We look to others to give it to us.

What’s Love Got To Do With it

The principles point us to the Divine Love that is within each of us and connects us to the ‘Universal Love’ & the ‘Oneness of life’

For many years I thought I knew what Love was, since experiencing the Three Principles I have found a completely different understanding of ‘What Love is’

If your looking for more Love in your life then this workshop is for you,

If you’ve struggled with not being able to ‘Love’ yourself then this is going to reveal to you something that you’ve forgotten.

If you’ve been looking for ‘Love’ in all the wrong places then this workshop is going to redirect you!

Date: Saturday 18th February                                 Time: 10 am to 4.00pm

Place: Room 5, Leigh Community Centre, 71-73 Elm Road, Leigh-on- Sea, SS9 1SP

Looking forward to sharing the Love, Light & Laughter

Kim aka Purple Genie

Price: £60.00



Divine Mind & Mental Health A Three Principles Workshop 

‘Every human being at their core is mentally healthy and can live a life of mental ease and well being, we are only ‘one thought’ away from well being’. Sydney Banks

Betty my Mum, a spiritual healer, kind, compassionate & giving lady is one of my greatest spiritual teachers, Betty had a life long battle with depression.

Since having her own
insights and realisations of how the principles work, Betty is back in life and free from depression & medication and came to Salt Spring Island to attend the Three Principles School.

The Three Principles has given so much to me, I got my Mum back and it continues to give more to my family, clients & my community, life has changed in so many different ways for all of us, it’s incredible and humbling.

A simple understanding can change everything

Date: Saturday 11th March          Time: 10 am to 4.00pm

Place: Friends Meeting House, 18 Dundonald Drive, Leigh On Sea, SS9 1NB


Looking forward to sharing the Love, Light & Laughter

Kim Bailey aka Purple Genie

Coming Soon

The Wisdom Within 

Each of us have access to pure wisdom, we are actually unaware of the knowledge we possess as human beings!  We all recognise wisdom when we hear it and we hear it from somewhere deep within our souls.  Living life being guided by your own wisdom is your birthright and one insight or realisation will allow you to ‘SEE’ & ‘HEAR’ so much more than you could possibly imagine!

Our True identity

Once we ‘SEE’ our true nature, life takes on a new meaning for us, We ‘SEE’ ourselves and others and the true beauty that lies within each and everyone of us.  We show up in life differently with a true sense of self, presence purpose and passion

The True Nature of Thought A Spiritual Gift

Understanding the true nature of thought and how it actually works is completely life changing for everyone.  When we see ‘Thoughts’ true nature we no longer have to try and control ‘thought’ and we are no longer controlled by our ‘Thoughts’

Workshop  – Spiritual Minds & Our Waking Consciousness 

Humanity is waking up to what is happening in our world and events have created unrest and many people have become overwhelmed, angry, sad and fearful of what the future holds for us all.

The universal consciousness is rising and globally people are gathering and connecting in a way they haven’t before, collectively as conscious communities we will create positive change as we rise so will humanity so are you ready for a new perspective thats going to help with that?