Spirituality in Psychology

We have found through extensive research, personal and client experiences that spiritual teachings and psychological techniques are often two sides of the same coin.  In the beginning Psychology included the ‘Spirit’ until someone decided not to include it.

You may already have a lot of ‘thinking’ about the word ‘spirit’ some people may only link it to mean ‘talking to the dead’

We are pointing to the formless energy or life force that is behind life. that is operating within within everything….


We use the psychological teachings with coaching plans and we also provide you with additional reading resources that you can choose to look into later if you so desire as we have found that those who have read about spiritual understandings lead happier lives.

Spirituality and religion are different and we do not suggest you believe in either, we just want to give you as many tools as possible so you can live a life of enriched positive mental health and wake up every day with a zest for life.


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