Everyday Magic – How life is far simpler than it looks

 with Friends Jenny Anderson & Dave Elleray

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd February 2019 Time 10am – 4pm

If you would like a little more peace, less stress and a nicer life then please join us for a two day event in Basildon where we will be exploring the simple principles behind all life, once these are realised life becomes more magical! 


It’s Community Rainbow Genies voluntary organisations last month in the Community Hub in Laindon, where we have been sharing the Principles & watching as peoples lives have changed from learning about the Principles.

We are celebrating the fantastic time we have had at the hub and are raising funds for our Reclaiming Mental Health Group & Domestic Abuse Recovery Group so we can continue to share the Principles in the deprived area in which we live so people can see its not money that makes us feel rich inside its a simple understanding that can change everything, for me that is….Mental Wealth

 I have been really fortunate to be meet some really amazing incredible soulful people on my travels in life and have met really humbling and yet ordinary people sharing the Principles with such simplicity & openness so it is my pleasure to introduce some very dear friends  Jenny Anderson & Dave Elleray coming to visit for a whole weekend.

Jenny & Dave have been sharing the Principles across the world and we are really lucky to be able to have them come to Basildon & support us with what we are doing here in Basildon

I really love the way they share this understanding with such honesty, realness & laughter so come & join us  we are really grateful they have been able to come & spend some time with us at the Hub we would love for you to join us for this weekend

If you know anyone is struggling bring them to this weekend and watch how life changes for them & you, it happened for our family & so much has changed. life’s easier 

 Jenny Anderson

With over 13 years dedicated to teaching and studying the Three Principles around the world, Jen has developed her own unique voice for sharing this one simple truth. Her clear and heartfelt teaching resonates with her audience, whether at a large conference, in a small group or individually. Her own transformation, moving beyond shyness, depression and eating disorders continues to inspire her to point others to what can happen when they see the true nature of how life works.
“No matter where it is in the world, no matter what the external conditions people are living in, these universal truths or principles speak to human beings enabling them to wake up to how life really works. I am passionate to be able to share in whatever way I can, and help others to do so too.” Jen x

 Dave Elleray 

After years of struggling with anger, depression and drinking, Dave’s life was transformed in a single moment. He became aware of a profound simplicity and gained insight into the innocent misunderstanding that creates all mental suffering.
Unsurprisingly he made the decision to focus on helping others to uncover their own true mental health and his journey since then has been joyful and fascinating. He has since travelled widely giving talks and working closely with a wide range of people in diverse settings.
“Through these simple yet profound principles I’ve found a peace of mind I could not have imagined was possible. I love to share this understanding my passion for nature with all around us. I have a great desire to see this message go to young people who are struggling.” Dave x
A taste of Jenny & Dave enjoy

Usual price £150.00 discounted for January  to £125.00

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Community rate available & Free to anyone who is homeless
Please contact Kim infocrgenies@gmail.com 07544558376