WOW Surviving to Thriving Domestic Abuse Recovery Programme

One Thought, One Moment, One Step, One New Life

A bespoke domestic abuse recovery programme WOW Surviving to Thriving is designed ned by women who have lived it, survived it & who are Thriving in life for information about programme dates & WOW drop ins please see current events.
WOW Wise Optimistic Women Surviving to Thriving
12 week Three Principles coaching programme for women who are experiencing or have experienced any type of domestic abuse and are struggling with life.
Life can change when we have a new insight or realisation & we are mentally free from the constraints of our beliefs that keep us confined to a situation that we don’t know how to break free from.
We are women that have lived through & survived domestic abuse & life is very different now. We know what we have found & we want to share it with you so come & join us.

Our Programme

The Three Principles of Innate Health & an exploration of Mind, Thought & Consciousness and how we work.
Awareness of human psychology & behaviours resulting in happier healthier relationships
Passion, Purpose & Pathways Work on a goal, idea, dream or an area in your life where you would like change/movement with vision boards.
Fun interactive sessions with accelerated learning incorporating all learning styles
Pamper sessions & pamper skills with tips on how to start a business.
WOW Moments & Lots of Love, Light & Laughter
The Results
More Confidence, feel empowered & inspired, Trust in yourself, Seeing your true self & all that lies within, knowing inner wisdom, step into your feminine power the world is ready for your gifts xxx
We can deliver this programme in a variety of settings workplaces, refuges, community centres, schools, colleges, health centres & gyms.
To enable us to deliver this programme we have sourced funding so we can  provide a programme that we know works and we have been funded & supported by 






Please contact

 Community Rainbow Genies

Kim Bailey 07544558376 or Leanne Wood 07873403269