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Purple Genie Life Coaching’s aims are to
Inspire & empower individuals, groups & communities to uncover & discover skills, talents & gifts so they can share & live their dreams & visions with the world.

Improve the mental health & well being of individuals, young people, adults, groups & communities by providing high quality Mental Health/Wealth Recovery Groups & Programmes
Break the cycle of domestic abuse by providing innovative Domestic Abuse Recovery Groups & Programmes – WOW
We have piloted and tested programmes with outstanding results, many of our participants have become volunteers and progressed to further education and full time employment.
We offer specialist Three Principles of Innate Health Facilitation, Life Coaching/Counselling, 1-2-1s, Workshops & Bespoke Community Programmes & Projects,
IHEART Programme – Improving the Mental Health & Resilience in Young People
Inspirational Speakers & Feel Good Events.
Skype 1-2-1’s & Group Conferencing

Since 1999 I have been working in personal, professional & community development and that has allowed me to meet people from all walks of life, it’s been fascinating, empowering and has fuelled my dreams and ideas.

I’ve changed my own story and now I support people to become the author of their own story, the creator of their own script, to live & love life!

We all face challenges in our lives, there has been many times when I’ve asked myself ‘what’s it all about’.  I’ve faced many challenges and overcome them & life will without doubt will throw some more challenges my way, what’s different now is that I know how I work and see life from a very different perspective.

Edne Conference, motivational inspiring speaker
inspiring others to see who they are
Kim Bailey Purple

We also collaborate with agencies to raise funding to deliver projects & programmes in deprived areas.

Enjoy reading the articles around the site and if you’d like to contact me you are very welcome to via

email kim@purplegenielifecoaching.co.uk 

or on mobile 07544558376.

Much Love, Light & Laughter

Kim Bailey The Purple Genie

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